Why Invest

Why Invest

Key Operating and Competitive Advantages

We derive the majority of our revenues from selling electronic content and services to professionals, primarily on a subscription basis. Our businesses provide solutions, software and workflow tools which integrate our core data and information. Some of our key operating and competitive advantages:

Industry Leader
  • A leader in most of the market segments that we serve
  • Deep and broad industry knowledge
  • Products and services tailored for professionals
Balanced & Diversifield
  • Distinct core customer group revenues:
    • 54% Financial & Risk
    • 30% Legal
    • 13% Tax & Accounting
    • 3% Reuters News
  • Geographical diversity by revenues:
    • 62% from the Americas
    • 27% from Europe, the Middle East and Africa
    • 11% from Asia Pacific
  • No single customer accounted for more than 2% of our 2016 revenues
  • Technology and operating platforms are built to address the global marketplace
Attractive Business Model
  • 86% recurring revenues
  • 93% of revenues from information delivered electronically, software and services
  • Strong & consistent cash generation capabilities
Strong Competitive Positioning
  • Proprietary databases and deeply embedded workflow tools and analytics
  • Technology and operating platforms are built to address the global marketplace
  • Strong brand: ranked #66 Best Global Brands (1)
Disciplined Financial Policies
  • Focus on Free Cash Flow growth and Free Cash Flow per Share
  • Maintain strong and stable capital structure
  • Balance investing in business and returning capital to shareholders
  • Committed to maintaining solid investment grade credit rating

(1) Interbrand – 2016 Best Global Brands ranking

*As of 12/31/2016